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Paper Basics

Tell us about the type of paper you wish to write in the 'Message' box below. Please note while we are happy to edit academic theses and review articles, we do not provide Dmed Write for these projects.
List 1-3 papers that are most closely related to your paper. Also, include them in your uploaded files.

Manuscript status

This information helps us understand the current status of your study and what will be required to complete it - degree of completion, status of references and so on. For each part of your paper, please tell us the current state of completion.


Tell us how we can best work with you - special requests, comments or questions, background information, authorship matters, word count details etc.
  • What is the background of the person who will write my paper?
  • What is the process of paper writing?
  • Can you also provide support after my paper is submitted?
  • How long will it take to finish writing my paper?