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Welcome to Dmed

December 20th, 2022, by Guy Harris

Today, we’re changing our name from DMC to Dmed.

You can jump ahead to see how this affects you (actually, not very much), but first, let’s look back a bit.

When the Internet was young

We started our company in 1995, in the earliest days of the Internet. Our aim was to fix the language barrier faced by Japanese scientists which made international journals undervalue their research.

We named our company Digital Medical Communications - DMC for short. But when we went to register our new website, we were amazed that ‘’ was already taken. Our optimism seems quaint now, but life was far simpler in the early days of the Internet.

Eventually, we settled on ‘’ Not perfect, but it was short, spoke of science, and contained elements of our name - Digital Medical Communications. And though we’ve happily used it ever since, the difference between our name and our Internet identity has never been far from our mind.

A growing mission for a growing community

Fast forward 27 years, and we are now an established company and community, helping thousands of scientists and clinicians like you report your research to colleagues around the world. As the number of our users has grown, we’ve broadened our services to meet your needs - from editing to writing, training, presentations, and translation. By building this infrastructure, we’ve created a platform used by thousands of researchers to report their science and promote their careers.

In the rush of years, we put the difference between our name and our Internet identity as a project for the future.

The future arrives - DMC is now Dmed

Today our name catches up with who we’re building for — the international community of scientists and research institutions. As we start the next phase of our growth, we’re delighted to align our name with our international presence.

For customers, little will change. Our corporate entity will remain DMC Corp, so back-office paperwork will remain as before.

Our logo has changed, and some of our services have been renamed. You’ll also notice our new web site, with new colours, words, and designs.

Our mission remains the same - supporting communication of your science to colleagues around the world.

We’re honored that thousands of you already rely on us to help report your scientific findings, and advance your science careers. We look forward to supporting thousands more as we continue to build an international platform for excellence in science communications.