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Translation: it’s a special skill. That's why we only use use professional science translators.

Translating biomedical science requires special skills. Dmed’s translators specialize in the medical and life sciences. So your translated document will say exactly what you mean.

Accuracy and precision

Because our translators specialise in biomedical tranlsation, they understand your content. Your translation will be accurate and precise.


Translation is a multistep process. After primary translation by our specialist science translators, your text is then rewritten by our specialist native science editors. Your final document is ready for submission.

Author-friendly process

Prefer to write in a mix of Japanese and English? Or translation in early- or late-stage writing? Our flexible, author-friendly process matches the way you like to write.

Translation + Collaborative Editing = Your document, perfected

To ensure the highest quality science translation - accurate, concise, and native-level - you need to follow a two-step process. First, translate the text by a translator who specialises in science. Second, edit the translated text by a native specialist editor using Dmed’s Collaborative Editing methodology.

That’s precisely the process we use at Dmed Translation. Every paper is translated by a specialist science translator, then edited by a native specialist editor. Your translated document will be accurate and concise, as if it was originally written by an native specialist in your field. Ready for submission.

Integrate Translate into your workflow

Incorporate Dmed Translate into every stage of your communication cycle - from early-stage drafting to finalization. Simplify your entire communications stack - from reports to presentations, reviews and emails. Translate works seamlessly with Collaborative Editing and Dmed Write.

Translate at any stage

Dmed Translate makes it easy to translate at the right time for your workflow. Share important early drafts and reference materials with your team early in the writing process. Hold a mid-stage review to keep your paper in the right direction. Then translate the final paper before submission. Dmed’s flexible translation workflow offers you maximum flexibility.

From a word to a book

Dmed Translate does works with documents of any length, from the briefest communications to whole books.

Reviews, presentations and protocols too

We’ll work with you on any type of document, from personal emails to editor reviews to meeting presentations.

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