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Building a better future for science communications

We started Dmed in 1995 with one key insight - that science communication works best when author and editor collaborate. We’ve grown this into a range of services that cover every aspect of the science communications process. Today, scientists at every career level - from undergraduate to department head - use Dmed to maximize their research impact, showcase their scientific competence, and ultimately, enrich their careers.

The full value of your research

We actively enable close and frequent interaction between editor and author, using iteration through multiple versions. The results are transformative. Authors discover new insights in their findings, optimize their paper’s structure and expression, and strengthen their scientific impact. It’s the best way to bring out the full value of their research.

We’ve used this approach to help authors at nearly every major Japanese hospital, university and research facility. We’re preferred editing provider for a Top 3 Japanese pharmaceutical company. We’ve trained more than 6,000 scientists in science writing, and provide post-acceptance editing for a growing number of Japanese journals.

Along the way we’ve helped Nobel laureates, organized an international conference and established a thriving international society.

Dmed supports scientists like you in every aspect of science communication.


Edited more than 35,000 published papers.
Trained more than 6,000 scientists.
Written more than 1,000 papers.
Supported more than 500 Japanese hospitals, universities and research facilities.
Selected as preferred editing provider for a Top 3 Japanese pharma company
Provided post-acceptance editing for all papers at three Japanese journals.

Who we are

We’re founded by scientists and run by scientists, working for scientists like you.

Our People

95% built by scientists

TRAINING AT Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, June 2009

More than 95% of Dmed’s people are scientists and clinicians, like you. We know science and we speak the language of science. We understand your needs in a direct and heartfelt way.


Specialist editors and writers


Most of our editors and writers are have PhD or MD degrees, and spent decades as working scientists and clinicians. Others are MSc or BSc degrees with at least 3 years’ full-time editing experience. All editors pass our rigorous writing and editing training.


Completely independent. No COI.

TRAINING AT Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, June 2009

Most major editing providers have business tie-ins with science publishers. Dmed is unaffilialted with major publishing houses, so we support our authors in a completely COI-free way. Some of our authors have found that our independence is really important.

How we work

Dmed’s collaborative and iterative approach is unique in science authoring services.


An Analytical approach

dmed’s analytical collaborative/iterative flag

We’re built around an analytical approach which combines collaboration between author and editor and iteration through multiple versions. It's like having an extra author and a presubmission review all rolled into one. Analytical editing is the best way to maximize the value of your research.


Close and frequent interaction


Other companies handle collaboration between author and editor as a cost to be minimized. For us, collaboration is the core of our everything we do. It’s a key part of our analytical approach that we encourage with every paper.


Rational deadlines


Highest quality editing can’t be rushed. Our turn-around times reflect a rational approach to quality editorial work. For urgent papers, we offer an Express which cuts no corners.


Ethics and security


We work in consistent with COPE etc. Dmed maintain highest standards of the security and privacy of data that is entrusted to us.


Maximum flexibility

learn how to write native-level text at our learning center

Every author has specific needs. We are maximally flexible in meeting your specific requirements before and after submission through to acceptance and publication. We’re expert at troubleshooting with journals and have helped thousands of authors reach final acceptance.


The true value of your research


Your paper is the culmination of hundreds or thousands of hours of effort. For most authors, simple one-pass editing will not bring out the full value of this effort. Our goal is to maximize your research impact, showcase your scientific competence, and power your career.

Internationalization and collaboration is in our blood

Dmed has made pioneering contributions to the science communications field, placing us at the forefront of change.


Conferences, etc.

Dmed founded and organized the 3rd international conference on the medical aspects of telemedicine

At the dawn of the Internet era, we organized the first international conference on telemedicine held in Japan, with sponsorship by the WHO and major Japanese academic societies.

Academic Societies

Establishing an international society

Dmed president Guy Harris lead the establishment of the ISfTeH

Dmed spearheaded the founding of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth in 1997. The ISfTeH continues to thrive, and now represents more than 100 countries.


Supporting Nobel laureates

Prof Barry Marshall and Dmed president Guy Harris wrestle over possession over the nobel medal. Prof Marshall won.

We’re proud to have supported recipients of major international science awards, including the Lasker Award and the Shaw Prize. We’ve even had a hand in supporting a Nobel laureate.

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