• "To find someone who can really pull your paper apart - that’s priceless"

    There are plenty of editing companies who will be happy to improve your paper. But there's the catch - just how do you define 'improve'? Some companies will correct your paper's language, but not much else...
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  • "I don't want you to check my paper, I want you to establish my reputation"

    Competence. It’s what reputations are built on. It’s a feeling in your reader that goes beyond your science to your very ability as a researcher. It’s also one of our favorite words...
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  • "Sophisticate my paper"

    Some people think the writing style of a paper is unimportant. What really counts is the contents, they say. "Just check the grammar and spelling, please, I'm not writing a novel."

    We don't agree. Think about your own experience: sophisticated Japanese writing is quiet yet confident, powerful yet never loud.

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  • "The value of your career"

    Because your career is your biggest investment, your edting company should be DMC.

    Why? Consider the value of our multiple checks and deep editing - absolutely essential, we believe, to getting the best out of your paper. Think about our editors, who take time to communicate with you, advise you and help improve your communications ability.

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  • "My data are worth more than 7 yen a word"

    It’s a simple equation. If your editor is charging you by word, he’ll correct your spelling and grammar, and perhaps a few expressions here and there, and not much more. He has no incentive to move paragraphs around, for example, or add new paragraphs and sentences, or improve your tables and figures...

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  • "To researchers who want to write — but can’t get started"

    Getting your paper written and accepted is a long process. DMC is here to help. Our Support section is full of hints and ideas to help you. Start with our essay on the two essentials requirements of good writing - although aimed at English, plenty of prople have told us it helped improve their Japanese, too. Then look at how to write your text in the most readable, native-rashi way...

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  • "I’m a clinician, not a researcher - help!"

    Our suggestion? Ask a Mentor. 
Before you begin writing, make sure you are launching in an appropriate direction.

    You and your mentor should agree on the hypothesis, the data analysis and the basic interpretations of your study...

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Standard check

At DMC, we go beyond the basics to focus on the finer points. Standard is the best way to 'sophisticate' your paper.

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Paper rescue

Has your paper been rejected? Paper Rescue is our ICU, providing intensive care to get your rejected paper accepted and published.

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