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Professor Mori Lasker Award

October 2nd, 2014, by Guy Harris

We at DMC wish to congratulate Prof Mori for his receipt of the 2014 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. Prof Mori received the award for his work in understanding the Unfolded Protein Response, an intracellular quality control system that detects harmful misfolded proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum and signals the nucleus to carry out corrective measures.

A news report on the award is here:

DMC is proud to be associated with Prof Mori. We have edited all of his lab’s papers since 2005, including key papers for which he received the Lasker Award. We helped with his Acceptance Speech and Remarks. We even built his lab’s web site.

We appreciate the opportunity to be associated with his important work, and look forward to supporting him in his future research.