Team Review

A single check is not enough

Bringing out the best in your paper is going to take more than just one check. We work with you, the author, through multiple rounds of checks to be sure that no nuance is mistaken and everything down to the most miniscule detail has been accounted for. 

We maintain a healthy flow of ideas and information with you, the author, at every step of the process, and it is through this constant, open line of dialogue that the best ideas are born.

Unlike other companies, you are able to communicate with your editor directly with our unique yaritori approach. DMC makes it easy for you. Your opinions and ideas can be conveyed directly and in the most efficient way.

How do we do it? How exactly does our Team Review method get results?
We employ two main strategies:

1. Collaborative editing / Comments Gallery 

Collaboration between author and editor is crucial to a good paper. Working together, author and editor exchange questions, comments and advice, helping to improve not only language but also content.

2. Evolutionary review

When you first draft your paper, you receive input from coauthors, add and remove references, and rewrite the text many times over. Each change leads to the next, which in turn inspires further changes and revisions. Sometimes our comments are simple, while other times we will suggest a major change. No matter the size of the change, you can rest easy knowing it is exactly what you need—because you have a hand in it at every step of the process. Most papers go through two or three versions. Our record is nine.  Our average is four. We will work with you for as long as it takes to finalize the paper, at no extra cost.

Continuing education - To help you write better, we add explanations and tips about important corrections. 

Simple tips on smaller points:

This example points out that it is best to avoid "and" and advises the author regarding this.

This example explains that it is better to use "the".

This example asks the author for futher clarification regarding his manuscript.

Thanks to our suggestions and helpful comments, our authors’ writing improves over time.