Submission Aftercare

The right response to reviewers can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection. Let DMC help draft your response using our masterful Support center, then we will give it a final, convincing polish. Acceptance? It is all but guaranteed!

How can DMC help?

DMC will work with you to develop a carefully crafted response to reviewer comments that will be:

  • understandable and acceptable to a generalist
  • respectful and thankful to the reviewers who have volunteered time to help improve your paper
  • addressing every concern and comment of the referees in a concise and convincing way

The reviewer is not always right!

  • It is perfectly okay to disagree with reviewers; what is important is your response.
  • An efficient riposte requires a sharp blade.

At DMC, we arm all our authors with a substantial arsenal of weapons for replying to reviewers, unmatched anywhere in the editing field.

To help you get started, we have drawn up a template Library of Responses covering every situation you are likely to encounter. Browse the sections to find out how to accept or reject reviewer comments, whether you agree with them or not, and how to do it all with the utmost poise.

Our Reviewer Comment Library is a continually updated list of common referee comments - use it as a check sheet before you submit to catch any potential issues before the reviewer does.