Global Standards

Global standards

It's true - there are global writing standards that every full report should meet. How do you stack up? Try this quick quiz:

1. How should you begin the last paragraph of the Introduction?

A. A brief review of the literature.

B. An interpretation of the main finding of the study. 

C. An explicit statement of the overarching reason the study is needed.

If you said C above, you would be right - A or B, no, there are other places for that information.

Certain parts of a paper are meant to contain certain information. In the Introduction and Discussion sections, these are even set paragraph by paragraph. By meeting these standards, you will ensure that your paper conforms to the expectations of millions of researchers worldwide, each of whom, like you, is readying three, five or ten or more papers a month. Write your paper in the way that they expect and they will thank you. Fail to meet the standards and you risk wasting their time.

Fortunately, if you choose DMC to edit your paper, you will not have to worry about meeting these global standards on your own. You have got your hands full with the data - leave the standards to us.