Deep Editing Method

Concision starts here

What makes a paper great? What characteristics embody a truly amazing paper? At DMC, our editors will help your paper to communicate its message efficiently, convince readers of its importance, and demand to be noticed and recognized. And it will do all this in as precise and clear a manner as possible without being too brief and pithy.

Above and beyond

Traditional editing focuses primarily on correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, and improving expression. We go way beyond this to give your paper a real work-over, renewing it and reviving it from start to finish.

We have got quite an arsenal at our disposal designed to bring your manuscript to the next level in excellence.

Testing the foundation

A sentence is the basic unit of thought in English. Do your sentences meet our Two Essential Requirements of Good Writing and the Three Rules of Readability? If not, we will work them over until they do!

Paragraph structure

DMC ensures that your paragraphs begin with a clear, concise topic sentence, to introduce the paragraph’s theme and direction. Is its organization streamlined and logical? Does it reinforce its ideas by repetition of key words and careful selection of modifiers?  If not, leave it to us to make it work!

Overall structure

DMC addresses your paper’s overall structure to ensure everything comes together as it should. Does your paper provide the right balance between discussion of the major and minor findings? Does it contain the key phrases and sentences reviewers expect? If not, our editors will rework and revamp until it does!

Team Review

We collaborate with you. Working together, we exchange questions, comments and advice with you, helping to improve not only language but also content. We check your paper at least twice - usually three or four times.

Improving your linguistic skills

With the aid of our helpful hints and tips available at every step of the editing process, not only will the quality of your paper improve, but so will your own linguistic skills!

Checklist/Global Standards

There are certain elements that should be present in every research paper, and DMC knows just what they are. Using our extensive checklist, we edit in accordance with these standards, giving reviewers just what they are looking for in your paper.

Stepping stones, not lawn ornaments

Truly great papers are those which act as milestones, beacons, signposts pointing the way for the future of research in their respective fields.

With a DMC editor on the job, your paper will be strong and stable enough to stand alone, yet inspire even further studies, generating still more data along the line. Your paper will tell its story in a compelling way, pulling in readers and sparking interest in its data and conclusions.

Every house needs a solid foundation

DMC works to enhance the logic and structure of your paper, helping it to be a more compelling, consistent and forceful piece of work, a true testament to your research skills.

Your data ought to raise questions and inspire improvements, and our editing does the same. We hammer down and build up, we completely remodel your paper if necessary. It is an arduous process, but the results are worth it. When you have given us the proper foundation, the rest is just decoration.

Bring out your paper's full potential

Accomplishing all of this and really taking your paper to a whole new level requires some hefty legwork, but we at DMC are not afraid to take every available step to get the results our clients have come to know and expect from us.

We believe every paper should be edited this way. If your current editor is not providing you with this level of service, you may be missing the opportunity to significantly improve your paper before submission.
You have only got one chance to make a first impression!

Ready to start?

If you are not yet ready to contact us, please read our publications, familiarize yourself with our services, and get to know more about us