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Write once, read anywhere.

Two major trends in pharma today are outsourcing and globablization. At DMC, we cover both.

Tripartite (US/EU/Japan) submissions are now standard, and English is the preferred language of communication - documents prepared in English can be submitted in any region.

DMC specializes in editing documents written in English by Japanese authors (as well as those translated into English from Japanese).
We are also experts on the ICH CTD guidelines and new drug submission documentation.

If your strategy includes the international market, DMC is ready to support your editing and documentation requirements.

A complete internationalization service

For over 10 years, DMC has been the primary editing service provider for many of our clients, including a top 3 Japanese pharma company. Our work for this client covers the full spectrum of development documents - from clinical, non-clinical, and CMC study reports and summaries to full papers for submission to the literature. Our outsourced staff work on location at multiple sites, providing a full range of editing and documentation services as well as structured training courses in pharmaceutical writing.

DMC’s documentation and editing services provided essential support to this maker as it rose to become a fully international player, with ongoing new drug development and in-house marketing in both the US and EU markets. And we can put together the same type of customized package for you.

You’re in good company

We work for some of the Japan and the world’s largest pharma companies. Our list of CRO clients is large and steadily growing larger. Some recent notable clients include…

* Shin Nihon Kagaku
* Siemens
* Toray Research Center
* Mitsubishi Chemical Research
* Nemoto Science
* ...etc

Call us today

We’re happy to work with your specific needs, from editing a single development report to providing long-term outsourcing editors on site in your facility.
No matter your need, DMC’s Pharma/CRO services can help your company establish and develop a comprehensive documentation package.