Client Success

DMC’s success stories highlight the efficacy of our service and our dedication to your research

DMC serves a broad audience of researchers with our diverse offerings - paper editing and rewriting, paper rescue, abstract express, silent author and conferences to a range of small, medium and large institutions. DMC has helped clients such as the National Cancer Center, Keio University, Tokyo University, and many others improve their chance
of acceptance.

Some of our recent success stories include:

Success Story 1: Rescuing a rejected paper

Service: Paper Rescue

“Congratulations on a fine piece of work.”

Dr Toru Horikoshi’s novel research into chronic headaches identified an unrecognized cause of chronic headaches and opened a whole new field of research into this condition. But his paper, ‘Jugular venous compression and radionuclide cisternographic patterns in chronic headache patients’ was rejected outright by Cephalghia, a leading journal. Among other problems, the reviewers doubted the methodology. 

After a complete overhaul by DMC, the paper was accepted by Headache, with the journal editor commenting“Congratulations on a fine piece of work.” Please refer to the case study.

Success Story 2: Complex medical physics made readable

Service: Standard Check  See also: Deep editing

"All the manuscripts I have had edited by DMC have been accepted."

Dr Shinichiro Mori, a medical physicist at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, is developing the new 256-multislice CT scanner. His highly complex papers are challenging for non-specialists. A typical abstract will show you why. Before DMC, he had tried a number of other companies: “When I ordered editing from other editing companies, reviewers frequently commented that the paper’s language was not clear. However, they do not make these comments about papers edited by DMC.” 

In the last five years we’ve edited about 30 papers for Dr Mori. “All the manuscripts I have had edited by DMC have been accepted by the first journal I submitted to.” His research attracted an invitation from Massachusetts General Hospital, where he now investigates proton beam radiotherapy at the Department of Radiation Oncology.

Success Story 3: Improving writing and content by Team Editing

Service: Standard Check See also: Team Review

"Overall, we have realized that, for a paper to be edited well, the author and editor must work together"

Dr Masaomi Nangaku and colleagues at the Division of Nephrology and Endocrinology, University of Tokyo School of Medicine have published more than 30 papers in the last few years, many focused on the central role of hypoxia in end-stage renal disease. 

Dr Nangaku says “We have used DMC since 2000. DMC’s Team Review editing method helps us to determine if we have expressed the right nuance. Moreover, Team Editing helps to improve not only the text, but also the content of our papers. When we answer their questions, we often find ways to improve the content.”