Message from the President

DMC’s goal is to help Japanese scientists gain the international recognition their research deserves.

Most of the value of a paper is in its content. But there is an additional component that is less obvious but no less important: the way the content is presented.



Everyone understands the simple language barrier faced by scientists whose first language is not English. It seems that for many editing companies, that’s the only market they seek to serve. These companies will edit your paper for spelling and grammar, and not much else. Their cost is low and their turn around is fast.

We see a second barrier, one that affects all scientists no matter what language they speak - the barrier of logical expression. The inability to commit one’s ideas to writing in a clear, logical and concise manner is common to researchers around the world. Our goal is to address that barrier, so that papers by our Japanese authors meet the very highest global standards of logical expression and scientific competence.

We’ve provided a very simple example of this in our Support section. I hope you will have time to quickly check this page - it provides the most concise illustration I can think of for what we mean by logical expression.




We have the experience and qualifications to bring out the best in your paper. We’ve already helped thousands of Japanese researchers do it, and have provided our core materials here to help you do it too.

Our editors are all scientists, all native speakers, and all highly skilled at applying the principles of logical expression to the particular needs of Japanese authors. Most of them read and write Japanese. We put you in direct contact with your editor, and follow a yaritori approach to ensure that your paper captures the finest nuance. Throughout your paper, your editor will add comments and hints to help you improve your writing ability.

As one result of this dedication to education, many authors experience a radical improvement in their writing ability. The fifth paper they send us is remarkably better than their first, in both writing and structure.

And when we see that, we know we’ve done our job.


Guy Harris, D.O.
President of Digital Medical Communications (DMC)